Multiple fancier things like creating round images and vertical text on your website require advanced knowledge and skills. However, setting up your website for these endeavors will never come by without hiring a professional web designer. If you want your website to perform well on various fronts like SEO, attracting more online traffic, and converting prospects into customers, you always need to have an unquestionable web design. Before hiring a web designer, you should ask a few questions to ensure the decision will bring you any good. This post will reveal essential questions to ask before hiring a web designer. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer

Questions to ask before hiring a web designer

Web designing might sound like an easy task, and various people try the DIY method, but it does not always work. Despite your DIY capability, you still need to hire an expert for a better web design. We have compiled a few questions you should consider asking your web designer to ensure they work up to your expectations. Here is a list of questions you should remember the next time you hire a web designer.

1. Which website platform do you recommend?

Most web designers use a diversified set of tools for crafting your web design, and knowing about that platform is necessary. The web designer you will hire might be skilled in a particular platform, and you should ask them which one would be better for your web designing needs. It is not to say that these designers can't be adept at multiple platforms, but they always have a favorite on the list.

It would be helpful to inquire about the website platform your web designer will use for your project. Your web designer's familiarity with a particular website platform can make a meaningful difference, and you should always ask the question.

2. Do you work with custom codes?

Most website owners opt for a professional-looking website without any back-end coding endeavors, which is quite possible nowadays. Most web designers will use codes to manipulate your website design and bring to life your design vision. It would be best to ask your designer if he is comfortable using custom codes for your design project.

Most probably, you must inquire about the knowledge of CSS as it is the basic thing to consider. In case of a complex project, you should also ask about other programming languages that will help as you go down the road. Do you want to connect with expert web designers with vast experience and knowledge? Consider hiring the best web design companies in Dubai for professional custom codes and work!

3. What design assets do you need?

Your web designing project requires design assets and materials you must provide to your designer. They likely need some information like branding guidelines and assets, copywriting, and imagery. Before you hire a designer, you should inquire about what resources they need from you.

Web designing requires high-resolution imagery, and you must be prepared for the following:

  • Provide your designer with high-res imagery like photos and graphic designs
  • Work with your designer to create and source these imageries

If you settle for the latter point, you better inquire that your designer knows exactly what you need. They should meet your expectations and provide you with the right imagery and materials.

4. What does the design project scope include?

Knowing the scope of work is essential before starting your website design project. Usually, the web designer will clarify the scope and inform you about what may come down the road. Ask about what would be included in the project fee and any add-ons (as the designing project is dynamic).

Being a wise client, you should ask about the scope to know what you are getting and how the designer will deliver it. It ensures you stand on the same page with your designer and avoid ambiguity.

5. What is the process of feedback and revision?

Most web designers will provide you with a final draft and a revision process so you can assess and review the design. However, every web designer will come with a different feedback approach, and you should ask about it before the day arrives. What is the designer's process of sharing the draft after the project is completed?

Reviewing and assessing the design and functionality of your website will ensure a smooth experience for the involved parties. You should contact expert web design companies to design your website professionally and deliver the best!

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Web designing is a dynamic and never-ending approach as you always need to add new features to the list. To achieve all this, you need an expert designer on your side. Who but professional web designing companies like can help your cause? Consider hiring them for your web design project!